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angrylittleprincess69 asked:

Jisbon (of course) Jane embarrassing Lisbon in front of the team by being overly friendly!!!


Thanks for Requesting! 


It was the Monday after they had all come back from Florida. The weekend between Lisbon and Jane was spent in the same room at the Blue Bird Lodge, and it was the best two days he had had in a long time. He supposed making up for years of repression and moments of present emotional pain had added to that assumption. 

He turned to Lisbon, who was standing beside him, his hand purposefully grazing her knuckles with his own. They were being briefed on a new case, but what it was about, Jane couldn’t really say. He was too busy inhaling the light scent of her perfume, and watching as her face changed with the information Abbott was telling them. He flashed back to Florida, and the sweat between them as they moved as one, and the way her hair felt against his naked chest as she drew lazy circles with her index finger.

He remembered the warmth of her in his arms when he woke up the next morning, and the sound of her murmuring in her dreams. He thought of himself reaching out to touch her face, stroking it delicately as the sun shone brightly into the room. He could still imagine the way her flesh felt under his fingers as he glided them down her naked hip…

"Jane?" Abbott’s voice sliced through his happy bubble. "You going to tell us your thoughts on this?"

Jane shook his head and looked at his boss. His face must have shown confusion because Abbott shook his head and frowned. Abbott, for all that Jane knew, was the only person who knew about them being together. Th rest of them — Wylie, Fischer and Cho— all thought they were in Florida to tie up loose ends.

"Uhhh…" Jane stuttered. 

"Can you focus on what we are doing here, Jane?"

Jane nodded his head and caught Lisbon smirking from the corner of his eye. He reached over and took her hand in his. Lisbon looked down at their entwined fingers and back up at Jane, who was smiling.

"Sorry," Jane apologized. "I got distracted."

"I got that," Abbott answered back. 

Jane cleared his throat as Abbott went on about the case. After a few minutes of silence, Jane suddenly stood up, bringing Lisbon with him, as they were still holding hands.

"What are you doing?!" Lisbon asked him, looking around at Fischer, Wylie and Cho, who were staring at them, their eyes falling on their hands and then back up to their faces.

"Coming out, I guess," Jane told her, letting go over her hand and wrapping his arm around her waist.

"What?" Lisbon gasped.

Jane didn’t answer, instead looking around at his colleagues faces full of questions. He didn’t want to hide the touches, looks and feelings he felt for her. He didn’t want to hide the fact he was holding her hand, or giving her kisses or telling her he loved her aloud. He wanted to show her these things freely. He knew it would be something she might not want out right now, but the risk was worth it. What good was love if you couldn’t show it when you felt it? For him, loving her was all the time.

"Uh," Jane started. "Lisbon and I are together. I think it’s time you knew it."

He could see the entire team’s eyes fall on his arm around her waist, his fingers splayed across her butt. Fischer giggled, Wylie was smiling, and Cho, good, clueless Cho, was frowning. Abbott nodded his head and crossed his arms, waiting for Jane to continue.

"We can see that," Kim said, a smile playing at her lips. "Congrats."

"This is so embarrassing!" Lisbon told him, her voice low. "This is more embarrassing that the plane! I have to see these people again."

"Please don’t be angry with me," he pleaded softly. "It’s so distracting hiding it."

"I think your couch is available for tonight, if you need it," joked Abbott.

Jane looked at Lisbon and exhaled. She didn’t look pissed, so he took that as a good sign. He supposed he should have asked her before he did something like this, but he was glad he did it, anyway.

"I’m not angry with you," she told him, looking at the faces staring at them. "I guess it was bound to come out."

Without warning, Jane bent over and kissed her, his free hand tilting her head up to provide more depth. They could hear the team whistle, but anything that was being said was drowned out by the hearts of each other beating against their ribcages. They parted, and Lisbon looked beet red.

"This is so embarrassing," she whispered. 

"I think I can make it up to you…" he whispered back.

Both laughed as the whistles continued in front of them.



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