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4x20, something’s rotten in redmund.

I loved that scene! Truly loved it! And the one afterwards with Jane in the principals office with Lisbon, acting like the contrite child (with mommy Lisbon apologizing for her bad boy…) while in reality playing that horrible principal - hilarious!

Loved Jane sulking to Lisbon at the principal’s office. It was priceless!

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Baby Steps


Here. Have an epic failure of a (bleeping) ficlet…. ((grumpy face))


He watched her sleeping from the doorway, the sunlight falling across her soft face and swollen belly. He cherished her soft breaths, her eyes flickering behind her closed eyelids and her belly rising and falling with each.

He set the breakfast tray he was holding down on the dresser as he crossed the room to wake her. She had been under orders to stay in bed for the last month of her pregnancy, something Jane knew she didn’t really like. However, he had cheered her up with breakfast in bed every morning since, and making sure she was comfortable in every way. If he wasn’t making her breakfast, he was fluffing her pillows or reading to her or even updating her on the cases at work. He thought him telling her about the cases would depress her, but they only made her itchy want to get back to work.

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